Works 2010-2020

Beginning in 2014 I turned my attention to interiors and how they were furnished. I was not so much interested in the design aspect of people’s homes as in the clues they provided to the lives being lived within them. I came to the realization that my many photographs of interior spaces taken in previous years had actually been motivated by an unconscious desire to understand the significance that lay hidden in the way individuals shaped their private environments.

Interiors mirror people’s deepest feelings and impulses – their hopes, fantasies, aspirations and, even, their sense of humour. They are self-portraits, carefully thought-out compositions expressing the many sides of a personality. A casual observer will not be unaffected either. The interior will speak to his, or her subconscious, causing him, or her to feel at home and secure in the setting, or ill at ease and out of place. And though each of us may respond quite differently, an immediate emotional response of one sort or another is practically unavoidable.

The titles of my paintings reflect my own responses to the scenes depicted in them. Human figures appear only infrequently. Yet their tangible presence, even when they themselves are physically absent, is clearly felt.




February morning, 90 x 110, oil on canvas, 2015





Still Life